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Cheats Castle

Cheats are a fundamental part of the game, if you are novice.

Here is a list of cheats and what they do. Press enter during a game to bring up a chat box and type the words in.


pepperoni pizza - gives you 1000 food


woodstock - gives you 1000 wood


coinage - gives you 1000 gold


quarry - gives you 1000 stone


steroids - builds anything instantly, computer does it too


big daddy - gives you a cool car with a rocket launcher


photon man - gives you a photon trooper that fires lazers


e=mc2 trooper - gives you a nuke trooper with attack points of 300


flying dutchman - enables Juggernauts to go on land


jack be nimble - catapults fire villagers and cows instead

black rider - turns horse archers into black riders, all skills dark rain - turns composite bowmen into trees when theyare not moving


CTRL-C - rolls credits


medusa - Your villagers become Medusas, and when theydie incombat, theybecome Black Riders, then a Heavy Catapult.


Big Bertha - Your catapult-type weapons becomes BigBerthas (Better statistics)


killx - where x is the player


no fog - remove fog of war


reveal map - shows whole map


diediedie - all players die except for you


home run - win the scenario


gaia - gain control of all animals but lose control of humans


hari kari - violent suicide


icbm - get super ballistas


hoyohoyo - get awesome priests with range of 10 and health of


zeus - auto arrange formation of a group of units

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