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Library of specialities

Tribe Specialties All tribes are different. Each has a special tatic of its own. These listed are the main ones.

1. The Assyrian Chariot Archer Rush Get to the Bronze age as fast as you can, don't worry about upgrades, just get to the Bronze age and research the wheel. The Assytians have a 40% faster archery fire rate, so make tons and tons of Chariot Archers. Then research the two levels of armor for the archers, and take a group of 12 for DESTRUCTION!!!

2. The Yamato Cavalry Rush Also get to the Bronze Age as fast as you can, before that make 8 stables, 4 each forming a square. Then at the Bronze Age, research upgrades for the cavalry, especially Nobility to increase their hit points. Then make LOTS of them and attack.

3. The Hittite Catapult Attack The Hittite's are just cool. They have DOUBLE catapult hit points, which make them really awesome. Make lots of catapults, plus a few war-elephants to protect the catapults in close range, really leathal.

4. The Phoenician Trireme Attack The Phoenician has double trireme fire rate, which makes "King in the seas". If you are playing large islands or such, choose Phoenician as your tribe. Just make triremes:)

5. The Egytian Chariot Rush The Egyptians come with a bonus of 33% extra Chariot hit points, both kinds of Chariots. Chariots may seem weeker than the cavalry, but after the Egyptian Chariots get Nobility, they are almost the same to the cavalry, a bit weaker, but much less expense.

Well folks, that's all for the tribes section, for more, please visit Hints&Tips section ;)

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